Chantil Miller


Richard Miller, husband of 23 years
Madison Miller, daughter. Currently attending Missouri State University
Savannah Miller, daughter. Currently a freshman at Aurora High School


Employed by the Federal government for almost 22 years. Currently working as a Correctional Nurse Manager.

Organizations/ Awards:

Aurora High School Graduate in 1990
Graduated from Burge School of Nursing with Registered Nurse degree in 1993.
Active in our community church (Holy Trinity Catholic of Aurora).
Currently an Aurora Athletic Booster Club board member.
AHA CPR instructor and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor.

1. What motivated you to run for the Aurora R-8 Board of Education?

Being an advocate is my passion.  I am motivated by the opportunity of help others. Listening and empathy are not only characteristics of my career choice but also my personality.  
Staying informed and involved.  I know I can obtain a greater understanding of the school system if I am integrally involved.  Once I can see the bigger picture, I feel like I can begin to see areas of concern and make suggestions for improvement. 

2. What are the main roles and responsibilities of a school board?

Most importantly, a school board member’s role is to be a voice for the students, the teachers and the community.  The members must be able to make educated, unbiased decisions, in which, occasionally they do not completely agree with at a personal level. Making hard decisions is never easy. I do, however, value my honesty and integrity so I would not purposefully violate either.
Education should not just be the top priority but the only priority for the school board members.  This encompasses many aspects of education including: budgeting, policies, discipline and hiring high-quality teachers. This position is not about fame or popularity. It is about public service.
Quality improvement assurance.  The board should collect and use data to monitor effectiveness of their past decisions and/ or current policies/ procedures.  As a government funded program, the board must report progress to the taxpayers.  

3. What qualities and experiences do you have to bring to the table to serve the patrons of the Aurora R-8 District?

Highly value my integrity and honesty.
Make life sustaining and critical decisions on a daily basis.
I am an Aurora School alumnus and have a child currently in the district. Another words, I have a “dog in the fight”.  Go Houns!!
Have managed large budgets with expenditures greater than a million dollars.
Involved in numerous committees in my current position, in which, multiple disciplines work together.  I have chaired many of these committees.
Perform public speaking frequently. 
Write and review policies and procedures frequently.

4. What is your vision for education/academics in Aurora, Missouri?

Maintaining highly qualified, effective teachers and administrators. 
Assisting our students to be productive citizens.  There are many aspects involved in making sure we succeed. Education plays a large part in this mission.  I believe all of our students have the potential to positively impact our community. 
Seeing Aurora School district in the news for being creative, innovative, and/ or effective! 
Being an educator in my field, I see the need for teachers to be able to be flexible in their approach with each student’s learning needs and to have the ability to individualize their plan accordingly. No two students have the same needs. 

5. What are the top three challenges facing school districts today?

Budget is on everyone’s mind.  How to make the most of each dollar is the one of the biggest concerns.
Student and parent engagement. Keeping students engaged in learning is definitely a challenge.
Retaining highly qualified teachers and administrators. It is vital we recruit and retain staff with appropriate credentials and education.  In addition, the staff must be effective. If they are struggling with effectiveness, why? Do they need more resources, more training, or more supervision? 

6. How will you handle controversial decisions as a board member?

I am currently a supervisor with more than 150 in my department.  I make tough decisions on a daily basis.
I have more than 20 years of experience in the correctional setting.  I have had several incidences of controversy, in which, I have had to make critical decisions. 
My philosophy has always been “Make the right decisions for the right reasons at the right time”.  So you need facts to make decisions, not emotions.  However, we must remember we are making decisions that affect human lives directly.

7. How would you describe your decision-making thought process?
I definitely like to have all the facts when making a decision. Of course, that is not always possible.  If I am not presented with the facts needed, time permitting; I will research the facts myself. 
If I am outside my expertise, I will occasionally rely on a solid source with education or experience in that particular field to help me make the best decision. 

8. Should the board of education be involved with the day to day operations of a school district?
I guess that depends on your definition of involved.  I do believe the board members should attend school functions and be as informed as possible, but let the staff complete the daily running of the school.  If the board hires the right people for the job, no micro-managing is required. 

9. What are your perceived weaknesses of the Aurora R-8 School District?
Student and parent involvement.
Competitive teacher salaries.
Budget constraints.

10. What are your perceived strengths of the Aurora R-8 School District?
We have very talented teachers/ staff as I mentioned before. 
High school curriculum offers a variety of different educational opportunities, for example college prep courses, work study, Scott Regional Technical School, etc.

Are there any additional comments/concerns you want to address at this time?