Steve McCulloch


·      Cassie McCulloch Baker, daughter

·      Josh McCulloch, son

·      Lane McCulloch, son. Currently a junior at Aurora High School

·      Brennen and Collins Baker, grandchildren


·      Owner, General Manager of Crafton-Cantrell Funeral Home in Aurora,  Fossett-Mosher Funeral Home in Mt. Vernon and Morris-Leiman- Mosher Funeral Home in Miller.

Organizations/ Awards:

·      President of Aurora Athletic Booster Club

·      Vice President of Aurora Mighty Mites

·      Member of Aurora football alumni

·      Member of MO Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association

·      Member of National Funeral Directors Association

·      Received Chamber of Commerce Lloyd R. Ellis Award

·      Past District Director of the MO Funeral Directors and Embalmers

·      Member of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce


What motivated you to run for the Aurora R-8 Board of Education?


·    I want to share my time and experiences to benefit the community of Aurora.

·    I represent different groups in the community of Aurora and can help ensure that others have a voice in making educational and administrational decisions.

·    I want to create stronger ties between the school board and the patrons of Aurora.

·    I have a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of the Aurora school system.


What are the main roles and responsibilities of a school board?


A successful school board will balance discussion of managing the district while paying close attention to the priorities for academic achievement.

·      Set the vision and goals for the district

·      Adopt policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals

·      Hire and evaluate the superintendent

·      Adopt and oversee the annual budget


What qualities and experiences do you have to bring to the table to serve the patrons of the Aurora R-8 District?


·      Experience

·      Time

·      Professional Skills

·      Attention to detail

·      Integrity



What is your vision for education/academics in Aurora, Missouri?

·      Holding all accountable for the success of each child, leading to a high school graduation with a world-class education.

·      Closing the achievement gap

·      Continuously meeting high expectations for student achievement, quality teacher retention and community satisfaction

·      Providing a safe learning environment that focuses on individualized instruction and protecting the civil rights of all students



What are the top three challenges facing school districts today?

·      Funding/Budgetary issues

·      Moving targets on achievement/testing and curriculum changes

·      Keeping up with technology

·      Family Factors


How will you handle controversial decisions as a board member?

·      Identify clear purpose/argument

·      Listen respectfully- avoid blame

·      Provide common basis for understanding between all patrons.

·      Summarize and gather feedback from all patrons.

·      Actively facilitate resolution


How would you describe your decision-making thought process?

 Using a six-step process to help make the best solution for all involved.

·      Identify the issue

·      Seek information on my own and from others

·      Brainstorm possible solutions

·      Choose the best solution after weighing pros and cons

·      Implement the plan

·      Evaluate the outcomes


Should the board of education be involved with the day to day operations of a school district? 

The local school board has an important role in providing leadership for district schools, serving as a forum for citizen input relevant to public education, and honoring the beliefs, behaviors, and values of community but should be vested in that role only.


What are your perceived weaknesses of the Aurora R-8 School District?

·      Recruiting and retaining quality administrators, teachers and staff.

·      Competitive salaries.

·      Funding changes.


What are your perceived strengths of the Aurora R-8 School District?

·      The talented teachers and staff we employ

·      Dedicated community base support

·      High standards and expectations



Are there any additional comments/concerns you want to address at this time?