The Aurora R-VIII School District currently pays $125 per day for teacher and paraprofessional substitutes.  The rate is $135 per day for Aurora retirees.  The District will also reimburse for the training, certification and background check after a person substitutes for one day in any of the Aurora Schools.  Please read below for more information.

Registration Open for 20-Hour Online Substitute Teacher Training

Individuals interested in becoming a substitute teacher can register now for DESE’s 20-hour online substitute teacher training conducted by Frontline Education. Click here for more details and to access the training program. 


  • The cost for the training program is $180.
  • After completing the training, you will submit your completed application and background check information.
  • The option is still available to get a substitute teacher certificate if you have 60 college credit hours (you would not have to take this training too).