Special Education (K-12)

Preparation for life beyond the K-12 experience is on going from elementary through high school with individual transition plans developed by age 16 or younger if appropriate.

Aurora R-8's goal is every student with a disability will develop the academic, vocational and self advocacy skills needed to live and work as independently as possible. Transition planning brings together all services needed to meet the student's post secondary goals. See RESOURCE page for additional transitional links.

The district is proud to provide "Functional Skills" classrooms for students with certain special needs at all grade levels. These classrooms focus on providing day-to-day living skills for students along with basic academic skills. Some of the functional skills covered in these classrooms include: basic hygiene, job/work, basic housekeeping, basic cooking, simple job tasks. Students in the early childhood center focus on basic hygiene such as hand-washing, brushing teeth, combing hair, proper feeding skills and independent toilet skills. Students at the elementary and intermediate level are vital in helping prepare fluoride treatments for the entire building, stocking the vending machines and sorting coins from the vending machines. Some of the secondary students are actually placed in voluntary work situations and paid jobs when possible. Other students begin working around the school by performing various job related tasks. Much focus is spent at this level on work skills and independent living skills while continuing studies in basic reading, math, and writing.

The district is proud of the technology that is incorporated in all classrooms, as well as the special education classrooms. The use of Smart boards, laptop computers for each student, and other means of technology is utilized for teaching. Smart boards are linked to the teacher computers allowing information to be displayed on the board for the entire classroom to see. The teachers use the boards for lessons, demonstrations, and video clips pertaining to the subject matter at hand.

Programs at all levels focus on providing basic core academic skills - supporting the regular educators and the general curriculum. Students are evaluated and, if they meet the eligibility criteria, are placed in their least restrictive environment.