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Parents & Students

Parent Portal Access & *NEW* Student 360 Access

Welcome to the Parent Portal, a tool designed to enhance the communication and involvement of parents in their child's education in the Aurora School District.

The Parent Portal will allow parents to monitor their child's progress in school by providing Internet access to grades, attendance, discipline, and academic history in a secure password-protected environment.

Parent Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our program of communication between parents, students and teachers.

Features and Benefits
  • Ability to check student information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ability to view a variety of student information such as attendance and discipline
  • Increased sense of ownership and responsibility for personal progress through viewing of homework assignments and due dates, grades, test scores and personal course schedules
  • Improved communications with the school and student's teachers with online messages
  • Ability to ensure basic demographic data is up-to-date, view information such as address and telephone, emergency contacts and more!

Click Here for Parent Access

This new portal for parents, students, and staff is a major upgrade to the Parent Portal. Student 360 consists of two pieces – a touch-enabled browser app and a phone app – that provide a fresh updated experience.

To download the Tyler SIS Student 360 phone app, parents and students can go to the Apple iTunes or Google Play store. The first time the app is run, users will need to select our school district.

Aurora Parent Portal Web Access Authorization Form<insert doc here>

Student 360 Navigation for Parents<insert doc here>

Student 360 Mobile Instructions<insert doc here>

New Student Enrollment

The following procedure has been established for enrollment in the Aurora Schools. Prior to beginning classes, the following asterisked items must be provided to the school office:

  1. Complete APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT FORM<insert doc here> & EMERGENCY CARD*<insert doc here>
  2. Birth Certificate*
  3. Social Security Card (Optional)
  4. Current and complete immunization records (checked by school nurse)*
  5. Student Health Inventory
  6. Picture ID of Parent/Guardian Enrolling Student*
  7. Proof of Legal Guardianship – Custody – Notarized Power of Attorney*
  8. Proof of Residency* (Examples: Rental contract, utility bill/deposit receipt, real estate contract signed by all parties, other - payroll check, driver's license, W-4, employment documents)
  9. Academic Records from Former School
  10. Discipline Records from Former School
  11. Complete Record of Prior Special School Programs Form - If any Special Education is needed, a meeting with the Special Education Process Coordinator must take place.*
  12. Additional Forms That the Building May Request:
  • Reading Compact for Title I (Pate)
  • Fluoride Consent Form (Pate & Robinson Elementary)
  • MELL Form (Migrant)
  • Student Language Survey
  • Technology Agreement
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Application<insert doc here>
  • Speech & Language Questionnaire
  • Permission for Medication
  • Bus Enrollment Form<insert doc here>
  • Athletic Eligibility Form (High School)
  • Student Attendance Policy (High School)

Many of these items can be accomplished quickly; however, students will not begin classes until the next day as minimum. More time may be required if other circumstances are indicated. It is helpful if the parent/guardian contacts the former school to have records faxed to the new school. Academic and discipline records can be obtained from other schools by fax or mail.

Notification will be made as to the progress of enrollment.

MO Healthnet for Kids

Your child may be eligible for affordable health insurance through the MO HealthNet for Kids (MHK), Missouri’s Health Insurance Program. Now most families can get low-cost or free health insurance for their children.

For more information or to complete the application, access it here: MO HealthNet for Kids<insert doc here>

School Dismissal Procedures

When it is necessary to cancel school (or dismiss early), the district will use our telephone broadcast service - SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact - to notify you of the cancellation. This system allows us to call up to four phone numbers (home and cell phones) per family.

Also, you can tune into any one of the following radio/television stations:

School cancellations are made prior to the start of morning bus routes at 6:00 am whenever possible.

If you wish to update your contact numbers, please contact your child's school building.

It All Counts

The Aurora R-VIII School District has launched our ItAllCounts program. ItAllCounts is an online shopping tool sponsored by national companies, such as Kohl's, Macy's, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Office Max, allowing a percentage of proceeds to go to your child's school and a percentage into you own personal account. This program will help the students without time or burden while earning you money for participating – just by creating an account and doing online shopping through ItAllCounts. For example, one would go to ItAllCounts for a Christmas toy they were going to buy from Target or Walmart instead of going directly to that company's website. You would purchase the same product at the same price but a percentage would go to your child's school.

When you plan to shop online, please start with your ItAllCounts.com web page. Please watch the three minute “How It Works” video on any of the building's webpages:

Pate Early Childhood - www.itallcounts.com/aurorar8/PateEarlyChildhood

Robinson Elementary - www.itallcounts.com/aurorar8/elementary

Robinson Intermediate - www.itallcounts.com/aurorar8/robinson

Aurora Junior High - www.itallcounts.com/aurorar8/juniorhigh

Aurora High School - www.itallcounts.com/aurorar8/highschool

The video is also found in “Help” under FAQ #1.

Your privacy is respected. No one in the district will know where you shop or what you buy. Your ItAllCounts summary page and earnings are for your eyes only unless you choose to share them with someone. Friends, grandparents, cousins, and co-workers can all help contribute and receive by simply using our landing page when shopping online. Please forward this link to those that you know shop online.

Ever Thought of Being a Foster Parent?

Foster parenting is a way to help children in need of a loving/caring home. More homes are needed in our county.

For information call: Lawrence County Children’s Division at 417-678-4138