Staff Resources

Student AUP.pdf

Student Acceptable Use Policy

Student Signature Page.pdf

Student Acceptable Use Policy Student Signature Page

Staff AUP.pdf

Staff Acceptable Use Policy

Parent Signature Page.pdf

Parent/Guardian Acceptable Use Signature Page

On-Campus Resources

The following links can only be accessed on school computers while on campus:


PDC (go to school stream)

Survey Site

Beginning Year Training Site


Website Unblock form




Professional Development Resources.pdf

Professional Development Resources


Protecting the Privacy of Student Education Records (FERPA)

Educating Homeless Children.pdf

Educating Missouri's Homeless Children

Graduate course request form-Approval Form.pdf

Aurora R-VIII School District Graduate Course Administrative Approval Form

Anticipated Student Success Impact.pdf

Anticipated Student Success Impact

Continuing Education Guidelines-College Credit Email Info-revised college credit.docx

Continuing Education Reimbursement Guidelines