A Sporting Chance is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Springfield, MO. A Sporting Chance serves all counties in Missouri and will also allow other athletes from other states to participate in our programs. A Sporting Chance is a 501-(c) (3) organization recognized by the internal revenue service. A 25 member board of directors governs the organization. 100% of all money raised by A Sporting Chance will be spent in Missouri. A Sporting Chance is a total entity by itself and has no affiliation with any national or state organization. A Sporting Chance offers a variety of sports in leagues and several tournaments throughout the year. The weekly league play is seasonal and we try to offer the same sports that are being offered by the Missouri State High School Athletic Association.

A Sporting Chance (ASC) wants to make sure that the needs of all athletes are being met. Our goal is to make sure everyone gets to compete, either in competitive or in recreational sports. We will make any change necessary to any set of rules if it helps someone have fun and gives them the opportunity to play. The competitive sports avenue is easy to understand but the recreational sport is a little different.


Aurora participates in the BOWLING, BASKETBALL, and TRACK & FIELD leagues. Any student enrolled in the Aurora R-VIII School District that has an IEP may participate in the leagues, with the exception of basketball. It is limited to students in grades 5-12. Each league is between 7 and 10 weeks. Athletes may choose one sport, two sports, or play all of them.

The Aurora R-VIII School District supports this league like it does any other athletic team. There are no costs to participate.


During bowling, we would need money for food if the students wanted a snack while bowling. During the basketball season, we travel by bus to Springfield for weekly games and after the games we stop for dinner. Athletes may buy a meal or bring their own sack dinner. Participating in Track and Field does not cost. We do fundraisers to extend our track meet experience to include some life skills. The additional activities are determined by the participating families.

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For more information, contact:

Maria Campbell

Robinson 417-678-5651